Code Club is an international network of after-school coding clubs for children.

Code Club Australia is a nationwide network of volunteer-led coding clubs with a mission to #getkidscoding! All Code Clubs are free to join, and are supported by volunteers, parents, educators and our partners. There are over 2,200 Code Clubs across Australia. And we now have our very own one in Woolgoolga.

Code Club Australia provide step-by-step activity sheets for children to follow so that kids can create games, animations, and websites, learning the key concepts of coding at the same time.

Our weekly sessions will usually be based on these projects during school term, as well as some other cool coding resources we discover along the way.

Code Club Australia have resources to teach Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python, Raspberry PI, Sense HAT, Sonic Pi, micro:bit.

Logo and Scratch are fun, easy to learn and creative ways to start coding. Depending on the interests of the kids, we will expand our projects into HTML/CSS, Python and other coding programs.

Learning to code is more than just a vocational skill: it changes the way kids analyse and solve problems, and encourages creative thinking and collaboration.

Our Club meets every Thursday from 4pm-5pm during school terms.

The first session for 2019 will be on 31 January 2019 where we will be taking registrations for the term. To register your interest, contact us by phone or email.

This year we also plan to hold special events during the school holidays.

Our Club is free to join and attend the school term sessions - this is what Code Club Australia is all about.

The special events held in the school holidays will be ticketed and have a fee for coming. These events will be run outside the Code Club Australia framework and any income generated will go back into running the Club.

Our Club meets each week at the Six Degrees Woolgoolga Co-Working Space. The venue has been chosen because:

  • the Club is open to all kids in our area regardless of which school they attend
  • the space is part of the broader Six Degrees network in the Coffs Harbour area which is focused on supporting start ups and the tech industry
  • We hope in the longer term we can start to provide our kids with links with the business community and see real coding in action.

    The host of our venue is the Woolgoolga & Northern Beaches Chamber of Commerce, who is generously allowing us to use the space free of charge.

Your child will need to bring their own device - ideally a laptop or tablet. If you do not have a device, then our Club has several which are available to use. These have been donated by generous members of our local community.

In order to complete the projects at Code Club, your child will need to:

  • download Scratch onto their laptop and access the Scratch website.
  • download Logo onto their laptop and access the Turtle Academy website.
  • use other websites such as Trinket

We will give instructions on how to do this each week.

Your child will have access to the internet whilst at our Club in order to complete projects each week.

Please make sure your child has appropriate security and safety on their devices.

We will also cover basic internet safety at the start and encourage you to talk to your kids about how to use the internet safely as it is not possible to monitor their usage all the time.

Our Club is run 100% by volunteers.

The leader of the Club is Emma Broomfield. Emma started the Club last year with the main motivation to create a place for kids to come together in the Woolgoolga area to share their passion for computers, gaming and coding. Emma has two children who come to the Club and is passionate about making sure our kids have the same access to digital opportunities as kids in the city.

Kylie Sinclair also helps out at our Club. Kylie is a leader in the digital space and helps run the Six Degrees Woolgoolga Co Working Hub. Kylie is also a mum of two little ones and is passionate about bridging the digital divide.

There is a code of behaviour for all leaders, teachers, volunteers who are involved in the club.

Volunteers must also have a valid working with children check.