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A New Term 2

This week we skipped our devices and went straight to learning the ‘old fashioned way’. We received the new Micro:Bit’s, a circuit board similar to a computer chip in which you can program to do things via BlueTooth and/or USB such as manipulate light colours and execute commands. We also received a book on 3D Coding in JavaScript!

As an extra, we learnt how pixels work with multiple fun activities and an educational YouTube video! Did you know that the colours Red, Green and Blue and make up to 16777216 different colours? Red, green and Blue are the 3 colours that make up every single pixel on your device’s screen!

Bus Bot Excursion

Today we went on a Bus Bot excursion to Marian Grove. The Bus Bot is an Autonomous vehicle, meaning it has no driver at all! It is on trial at the moment, so there is a concierge on board to ensure all is well. When we arrived we were presented with the Bus Bot itself. It is a small and compact vehicle and very Eco-friendly for it runs on batteries. The vehicle uses many sensors to track its location and maneuver through the streets. The most common one is the Lidar sensor.

The reason the Staff from the Bus Bot in the photo has a yellow controller around his neck is so that he can control the vehicle at any time, for instance if there was a car in the way he could drive past it.

Clone Wars

Today we made a game in Scratch! It was a Space Shooter style game in which you had to shoot down flying Hippo Aliens and Dodge an evil bat who was trying to throw deadly oranges at you!

An image of the game in action.


Today we learned about Algorithms! An algorithm is a set of code that tells a computer to do something. To simulate this, we became computers of our own and completed a set of tasks to get something done, a bit like a real computer would.

Image of code

Here is an image of some of the code we did! While it may look a mess, there is a point to it.
Image of code
Here is an image of some of the code we did! While it may look a mess, there is a point to it.